Declutter Your Home: 8 Easy Ways to Get Started Today!

Decluttering challenge 2019: Want to simplify steps in the process of decluttering so that you’ll stick with it this year? Get started today with these 8 easy ways to declutter. Learning to declutter one step at a time will help you seriously declutter your stuff.

Clutter causes stress and anxiety.

It makes our homes messy, which makes us discontent.

Clutter can also cause us to desire a larger home. We mistakenly believe that we just need a little more space. Then we’d finally be able to “get organized”…or so we think.

Even if we buy a larger home, chances are it would soon become cluttered and overstuffed as well, because, just as “work expands to fill the time available for its completion” (Parkinson’s Law), our possessions will increase and fill the available space as well.

The only realistic and practical way for us to enjoy a clutter-free home is to get rid of some, or hopefully a lot, of stuff we no longer use, need, or love.

Decluttering is hard. If it was easy, we’d already have clutter-free homes.

The struggle is real!

If you’re ready to stop struggling against the ever growing nature of clutter, it’s time to do some serious purging (and learn the habits you need to adopt to keep clutter to a minimum in your home).

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8 Easy Ways

to Declutter Your Home


1. Serving dishes you haven’t used in ages.

Kitchens tend to be the busiest rooms in our homes. You probably spend a fair amount of time in there preparing meals and cleaning up afterward.

Save time in the kitchen by decluttering some items you haven’t used in years. Why keep items you never use??

You probably own some serving dishes that seemed necessary at some point in the past but that you haven’t used in years. Go ahead and get rid of them. Nothing bad will happen. In the unlikely event that you need those items in the future, chances are you know someone you could borrow from. Or you can find a way to do without. I do this all the time.

I cook meals from scratch every single day. I spend a ton of time in the kitchen. My sister and her family join us on a regular basis. And I have a fairly minimal kitchen. 

I only keep items I use.

And I have never once regretted getting rid of anything from my kitchen. Never. Ever.

Start with long-unused serving dishes. You won’t miss them.

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2. Kitchen gadgets and small appliances you no longer use.

Holding on to something you paid good money for but no longer use will not make you any richer. It just keeps your home cluttered.

Let go of kitchen gadgets and appliances you don’t use, no matter how much you paid for them. And avoid Pampered Chef parties, Williams Sonoma, and Target’s kitchen section from now on.

Seriously. You won’t miss stuff you’re not using. Donate it and get on with your life. Your future self will thank you.

3. Books you’ve owned for years but haven’t read or that you know you’ll never re-read.

Before I started decluttering our home on a large scale, we had way too. many. books.

When I made up my mind to declutter so much excess from our home, those books were an easy target. They were just sitting there, collecting dust.

If I decide I’m ready to read any of those books I happily donated, there’s always the library.

You probably have some books in your home that you’ve owned for years, but have never gotten around to reading. Donate them.

If you have books taking up space in your home that you know you are never going to get around to re-reading, get rid of them too.

Owning books that you don’t read does not make you a better/smarter/more interesting person. It just makes your home more cluttered.

If this is really difficult for you, start with just 5 books. Surely you have 5 books that you won’t miss. Start small and build your decluttering super-power a little at a time.

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4. Magazines older than 2 months old.

It’s 2019. There’s no good reason to keep old magazines anymore because you have:

  • Pinterest
  • the internet

When was the last time you read old magazines or perused your collection of magazine clippings? It’s been a while, huh?

I previously had several binders full of magazine clippings of things I loved or wanted to try. I had curated these binders over many years and carefully organized them.

After a couple of years on Pinterest, I tossed all of them and haven’t missed them for even one minute. And I used to LOVE those binders.

Recycle old magazines and stop letting them pile up. This is an easy habit to adopt. You definitely won’t miss old magazines!

5. Excessive shoe and purse collections

I don’t know when it first became so popular to amass large collections of shoes and purses.

This trend is completely lost on me. I rarely own more than 1 or 2 purses and have few pairs of shoes. Of course, fashion is a low priority in my life.

If your closet is packed and you have way too many shoes you don’t wear and purses you don’t use, it’s kind of a no-brainer to declutter that stuff and stop buying more.

If you are wearing all those shoes and using all those purses, great! Enjoy those things.

But if they are just taking up space in your home, let them go.

Again, hanging on to things you don’t use won’t put money back in your pocket. Or make you better dressed. Or skinnier (I’m talking to you, clothes-that-don’t-fit!) It just keeps your closet cluttered.

Let unused items go and create some breathing room in your home and life.

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6. Decor you no longer care for.

Chances are you have some decorative objects in your home that are outdated and that do nothing to make your home more beautiful.

Remove them and see if you don’t like the space even better without them. “White space” is a good thing.

More is not better. Keep only the items you love and that make your house look its best.

Start in your living room. It tends to contain the most decor. Look at each wall, shelf, and flat surface, one at a time.

Are you familiar with the “rule of three?” The rule of three teaches that groups of three look most pleasing to the eye. Try it.

If you have a number of items on a shelf or table top, remove all but three of your favorites and group them together in a pleasing way. Take a before and after picture with your phone to decide which looks best. Chances are you’ll agree that less is more.

Repeat this process throughout the room, then throughout your home. Eventually you’ll be left with only your favorite things and some breathing room, or white space, in your home.

7. Board games that no longer get played.

I get it. Board games make awesome gifts. They’re fun and educational and don’t involve screen time.

But if they are cluttering up a shelf or closet in your home and never get used, they are serving no purpose whatsoever.

Donate them.

If this is painful for you, start with a few.

I went through this process myself years ago. I got rid of a few at a time until all I was left with were a couple of family favorites. When we went a couple of years without playing those, I got rid of them too. Haven’t missed any of them.

Times change. Kids grow up. We have to adapt to the changing seasons of our lives to keep clutter at bay.

8. Surplus linens.

If your linen closet is packed full, consider how many items you really need.

I have found that two sets, and often just one set, of anything is more than enough:

  • 2 sets of towels per family member plus a few extras depending on how frequently you have guests and how many guests you tend to have
  • 2 sets of linens per bed, plus a few extras, maybe, depending on the ages of your children and the frequency/number of guests you typically host (I have 1-2 sets per bed, and usually have plenty even when guests visit – when I don’t, I borrow from my sister.)
  • 7-10 days worth of kitchen towels, pick your favorites, toss/recycle/donate excess
  • 4-6 of your nicest and favorite potholders
  • not more than one blanket per person for winter-time Netflix binging

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Don’t put off decluttering indefinitely just because you have so much to declutter that it feels overwhelming.

Get started right now by setting a timer for 5, 10, or 15 minutes and decluttering one of the spaces listed above. You CAN declutter your home one small, not-overwhelming space at a time.

Work on just one shelf, one pile, one drawer, or one flat surface. Do as much as you can before the timer goes off.

You can do this!

Make room for the good life.

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