Declutter Your Guest Room for the Holidays


The holidays will be here before you know it!

The months from September through December tend to pass in a blur, leaving us scrambling at the last minute to clear out the clutter and make room for holiday guests.

Don’t let that happen this year.

Save yourself the stress of a last minute, frantic decluttering and organizing spree!

Get a jump start today, and you’ll have time to clear out your guest room without feeling completely overwhelmed by what seems like a huge task.

Ready to get started?


Declutter Your Guest Room Before the Holidays: 8 Simple Tips


Let Go of Perfectionist Ideas About Decluttering Your Guest Room


We live in the real world, not in a Pinterest-perfect world!


Your goal is to create a comfortable space for your guests. They’re not expecting a 5-star room.



Decide How You’ll Get Rid of Stuff You Want to Declutter


Will you drop it off at a nearby thrift store or charity? Arrange for curbside pickup at the end of the week?


DON’T hold on to items for the perfect recipient. You’ll never get your home decluttered if you do this. Donate everything and move on with your decluttering efforts.



Gather Supplies


You’ll need some version of the following items to efficiently declutter your guest room:

  • a bag for trash
  • a bag for recyclables
  • a donations bag (a white trash bag labeled with a permanent marker works great)
  • a bag or bin for items that need to be relocated to another room
  • a to-sell box (keep in mind that selling items will significantly slow your decluttering progress; only sell things worth the time and effort of doing so as you’ll only get pennies on the dollar, compared to what you originally spent)
  • a maybe/just-in-case box (for items you know you don’t use/need/love but are struggling to get rid of)
  • a keepsakes box



Mentally Divide your Guest Room into Small Spaces


Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to declutter the entire room at once. You may start to feel overwhelmed and give up before you even get started.


Divide the room into small areas you can declutter one at a time:

  • a desktop
  • a table top
  • a drawer
  • a basket
  • a single shelf
  • top of closet (or even half of top shelf in closet)
  • closet floor (or half of it)
  • west facing wall, south facing wall, etc.



Set a Timer for the Amount of Time and/or Energy You Have for Decluttering


Get started decluttering one small space in your guest room.


Use your timer. Stay focused. You want to get as much done as you can before the timer goes off.


This isn’t the time to go wandering down memory lane. You have a goal. Keep that goal in mind as you work. (You can look through your keepsakes when you’ve finished.)



Declutter One Small Space at a Time


As you clear out one small area, quickly separate items into 2 piles:

  1. things you use, need, and/or love
  2. things you DON’T use, need, or love


From those two piles, you further sort things by putting each item where it belongs:

Things You Use, Need, and/or Love

  • put items back, or
  • put in relocate bag/box, to move to another location in your home, or
  • put in keepsakes box


Things You Don’t Use, Need, or Love

  • trash/recycle
  • put in donations bag
  • put in to-sell box
  • put in just-in-case box


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To Clean Out a Really Cluttered Room, Do a Little Decluttering Each Day for a Week.


This will allow you to declutter the room, without overwhelm stopping you from ever getting started. You CAN do a little decluttering each day.


To make progress faster, spend an extended period of time at least one day this week, to make more progress in a single decluttering session. Set a 30-45 minute or 1 hour timer and see how much you can accomplish. Again, stay focused.



At the End of the Week


*Put away items that belong in other rooms in your house. (Group them together, by room, in small piles or in separate small bags, and put them away, one room at a time.)

*Toss trash and recyclables.

*Put donation bags in your car to drop off as soon as possible or set out at the curb for pick-up.

*Store to-sell items and take efforts to sell those items soon. If you can’t sell them in a reasonable amount of time, donate them.

*Store keepsakes.

*Store maybe/just-in-case items.

*Quickly organize the stuff that will remain in your spare/guest room.

If you did a thorough job of decluttering items you no longer use, need, or love, organizing what’s left will be easy.

This is why I suggest storing away those maybe/just-in-case items you’ll likely never use again. Get them out of the way to create a clutter-free space. In a few months, you may be ready to let go of those difficult-to-declutter items.

*If the room still needs substantial organizing, come up with a plan before you start buying baskets/bins/boxes to organize it all. Use what you already have around your home if you can.


Cleaning out a room full of junk can feel overwhelming but when you break the job into small steps, it’s do-able for anyone.


Don’t keep putting off this job. Set aside a little time each day for a week for your guest room, spare room, or junk room makeover. Getting this room decluttered will be a weight off your shoulders and it won’t be nearly as hard as you expected it to be!


“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” ~Henry Ford


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