Declutter Your Kitchen:

25 Things You’ll Never Even Miss

Declutter your kitchen by getting rid of these 25 items you never use.

Don’t you just love Gilmore Girls??

Just thinking of it makes me smile. The witty banter, the idyllic town setting, the quirky relationships.

But there’s one thing that drives me a little crazy.

The way Lorelai (and Rory) can eat so much junk food and never gain weight. I know it’s just a TV show and that in the real world few women can eat like that and not gain weight.

But still. I’m a little jealous. I’d love to hit the local coffee shop and grab donuts on a regular basis with no consequences.

Even better? Lorelai never has to cook. Between Luke’s Diner and Sooki and Friday night dinners with her parents, she never has to cook.

Totally jealous.

Despite the fact that we’ve eaten a whole food (paleo) diet for 6 years, and the fact that I spend HOURS each day in the kitchen chopping, cooking and cleaning, cooking is just not my thing.

I’ve never enjoyed it.

Sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms? No problem. Decluttering? Love it!

But cooking? Ugh!

I’m always on the lookout for time saving tips and ideas to get me in and out of the kitchen faster. One that makes a big difference? Maintaining a decluttered kitchen and clutter free counter-tops.

I own and use very basic kitchen tools. My cabinets and drawers mostly contain only the items I use every day (except bakeware and my crockpot, which still get used regularly).

Not having to dig around for things saves time. Not having to organize and re-organize cabinets and drawer to make room for everything saves time. And having clear kitchen counters where I can quickly get to work saves time.

When was the last time you decluttered your kitchen?

I mean, really cleared out all the stuff you don’t use?

If it’s been awhile, here’s a list to help you get started. You won’t miss this stuff!

25 items you can easily declutter from your kitchen

  1. “recycled” glass jars you don’t use
  2. “recycled”  plastic storage containers you planned to use but never do
  3. plastic storage containers with missing lids
  4. travel mugs that don’t have a lid or that leak or that you don’t use
  5. outgrown children’s dishes, utensils, cups
  6. broken magnets and those you no longer like
  7. dead plants, dusty artificial plants/flowers that are past their prime
  8. vases you don’t use or duplicate vases
  9. take out menus you don’t use, old calendars, phone books
  10. cookbooks you don’t use – look online for recipes from now on
  11. worn out sponges & scrub brushes, and  threadbare dishtowels & rags
  12. instruction manuals you’ve never used (you can get them online if needed later)
  13. decor you no longer like – take a close look – you probably don’t even notice most of it anymore
  14. cookie cutters & baking pans/specialty items you don’t use
  15. take out condiments/cutlery/chopsticks that don’t get used
  16. serving dishes you don’t use
  17. burned up candles and those you don’t like/use
  18. utensils, knives, and gadgets you don’t use, plus duplicates that don’t get used
  19. expired pet food and snacks, & those that don’t get eaten
  20. placemats, cloth napkins and tablecloths that don’t get used
  21. junky or chipped cups, glasses or mugs that you don’t use
  22. dishes you don’t need or use
  23. old spices you never use, expired food
  24. expired medicine and supplements/vitamins
  25. broken appliances and appliances you never use (goodbye dehydrator and ice cream maker!)

If getting rid of things you may need “someday” is difficult for you, box up/bag up the items you don’t use. Label the box/bag with a date six months from now. Put it in an out of the way location, like the garage, attic or other storage space.

Once those items have been out of sight for a while, you’ll realize you haven’t needed or missed them AT ALL. It will be much easier to get rid of your kitchen clutter at that point.

But only do this if discarding unused things is a major struggle for you. Otherwise, donate, recycle, and toss now. 

Your kitchen, home, and life will become uncluttered if you stop holding on to stuff you don’t use or love.

Make room for the good life.

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