Decluttering is a habit, not a project.


Create a consistent decluttering habit with:

The 2022 Decluttered Life Daily Planner (printable)


Is your home cluttered with stuff you haven’t used in years?


Is saving things “just in case” preventing you from decluttering?


Are you overwhelmed by how much you need to declutter?


Do you struggle to let go of perfectly good things you spent hard earned money on?


I created the printable Decluttered Life Planner to help you move past these struggles and get your home decluttered!


The best decluttering project is one you can finish. ~Ayla Xiao

You’ll get:

  • Weekly Decluttering Planner -plan your decluttering tasks for the week and stick to them
  • Decluttering Habit Tracker -a visual reminder that will motivate you and help you stay on track
  • Blank Habit Tracker -for other habits you’d like to establish this year
  • Monday Reset Chart -an easy Monday routine checklist to reset your home at the beginning of each week
  • Reset Your Home Chart -to do a simple home reset any day of the week
  • Weekly Plan -keep track of appointments, your top to-do’s for the week, and more
  • Monthly Calendar -a simple month at a glance page
  • To-Do List – get everything you need to do out of your head and on paper, in one place
  • Prioritized To-Do List -figure out what really needs to be done and what can be put on the back burner for now
  • Simple Daily Chore Chart -a quick and easy schedule to keep your home clean (I call it “clean enough”), without spending a ton of time cleaning
  • Blank Chore Chart -if you want to create your own daily housework routine
  • Meal Planning Worksheet -quickly create a rotating plan of easy meals plus other favorites AND know what’s for dinner every night
  • Blank Shopping List -maintain a list of what you really need so you stay on track at the store, helping you to not buy things you don’t need
  • Decluttering Cheatsheet -to help you make decisions when you feel stuck
  • Clutter Hotspots Worksheet -identify the clutter hotspots in each room of your home and identify ways to prevent clutter from accumulating in those areas


What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while. ~ Gretchen Rubin

The Decluttered Life Daily Planner


A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.

A plan backed by action becomes reality.