15 Easy Habits for a Tidy Home

Learn 15 easy habits that will help you keep your home tidy with minimal effort.

Is every room in your home a bit of a cluttered mess? Do you feel like you never make any lasting progress toward getting it (and keeping it) cleaned up?

Whatever your house looks like right now, it IS possible to keep your home tidy and clutter-free by adopting some simple habits, many of which really only take seconds.

The hardest part of this is making the habits stick, so they become automatic. Once you master some good habits, your home will stay (mostly) tidy and clutter-free.

But new habits take time to form. Don’t try to do these all at once. Choose one or two to start with.

You may need reminders until the habits stick.

Sticky notes are great for this!

Get 15 sticky notes. Write 1 habit on each note.

Pull off the first sticky note habit reminder that you want to work on and put it on your refrigerator door (or somewhere else where you’ll see it daily).

Now put the entire stack of notes on the fridge right next to the first one you just posted, with the other habit you want to practice right now on top.

Work on these two habits every day.

When those new habits start to become automatic, work on the next two.

If you fall off the wagon and stop practicing your new habits, don’t give up. Jump right back in and start again.

One last thing. Reward yourself! This is an important step in forming new habits. All habits, good or bad, follow a 3-step pattern: reminder/trigger, the behavior/habit/routine, and a reward/benefit. James Clear calls it the 3 R’s of Habit Change.

Keep the rewards simple for these quick tasks:

  • Take a minute to look at the bed you just made up or the straightened pillows on the couch and recognize how nice it looks.
  • After a 5 minute tidy up, set a 5 minute timer to scroll Pinterest or Facebook.
  • After putting things where they belong, tell yourself, “I’m making progress” or “I’m doing great with these new habits.” We tend to criticize ourselves so much that we also need to give ourselves credit where due!
  • Set a small goal to practice a specific habit for a full week, with a nice reward at the end of the week: a trip to Starbucks, time to read a chapter from a book or watch a favorite show, or baking a favorite treat.

It’s not impossible to keep your home tidy. It just takes intention and daily effort. You can do this!

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  1. Create One Hand Storage for things that tend to clutter up your rooms. A bowl or hook for keys. A basket for hats and gloves. A single stack of papers awaiting action, rather than papers cluttering flat surfaces in the kitchen AND on the dining room table AND in the living room. One single stack. A basket for remotes and small object that end up in the living room and bins for toys that get left in there. If it’s easy to put things away, you (and your family) are much more likely to do so.
  2. When you return home, put your keys, purse, jacket/hat/gloves, shopping bags, and other items away as soon as you walk in the door.
  3. Open mail next to the recycle bin and garbage can.
  4. Put all papers that need attention in a single location, in a basket, a drawer, or an inbox, as soon as they enter your home.
  5. Have a designated place for magazines, newspapers and catalogs, and put them there when you bring them into your home.
  6. Keep a Donations Bag in an easy to access location, like a coat closet, and add to it regularly.
  7. When you undress, put dirty clothes in the hamper and put clean-ish clothes away.
  8. Straighten pillows and cushions when you get off the couch.
  9. Push chairs in when you leave the dining table.
  10. Straighten the bathroom hand towel after using it.
  11. Make your bed. Teach your children to make theirs.
  12. Spend 5 minutes tidying whichever space in your house needs it the most. Set a timer!
  13. When you go into the kitchen, put 1 thing away before you do anything else.
  14. When leaving a room, take one item with you that belongs elsewhere and put it away.
  15. When putting away clean laundry, remove 1 thing from your closet or drawers (or your child’s closet) that never gets worn. Put it in your donation bag.

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Most of these habits are super quick actions that take less than a minute. When you master these habits, your home will become tidy and clutter-free.

But don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, habit change takes time. So give yourself time to adopt these habits one or two at a time.

Go make your habit reminder notes right away and get started today!

Make room for the good life.

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