6 Easy Ways to Declutter Before Christmas


You’re probably already planning to declutter and organize your house after the holidays. Besides losing weight, I think “getting organized” is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. It was certainly one of my top resolutions for many years.


But why should you declutter BEFORE Christmas??


Because your already over-stuffed home is about to have a steady influx of new things arriving weekly!


The months leading up to Christmas are the busiest shopping days of the entire year.


In addition to the items we buy as gifts for others, few of us can resist buying new holiday decorations, kitchen items, or wardrobe additions as we hit the stores again and again and again.


Then, when the big day (or days) finally arrive, you and your family members will receive gifts from friends and family, given in the spirit of love.


It won’t take long to feel like your home is about to burst at the seams.


Besides controlling the impulse to buy new things you may not really and truly need, what can you do?


Declutter now, before the holidays arrive!


Pre-holiday decluttering allows you to:

  • take inventory of what you already own
  • prevent over-buying
  • get organized before the busiest season of the year
  • create some breathing room in your home


Let’s get started!

Easy Ways To Declutter Before Christmas


Declutter Your Kitchen

This is the perfect time to declutter pots, pans, dishes, mugs, glassware, food storage containers, and more!


You’ll probably be cooking more than usual, trying new recipes, and preparing holiday meals. You’ll save time in the kitchen later if you declutter now. If you haven’t used something in ages, you’re not likely to start using it anytime soon, or maybe ever again.


Go ahead and declutter your kitchen before the holiday cooking begins!


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Declutter Decor

Over time, decor builds up like everything else in our homes. We buy new items without ever getting rid of older, out-dated decorations we no longer like, or even notice.


When you think of decluttering, you likely think of closets, cabinets, and drawers. But don’t skip decluttering your home decor, especially before you pull out your favorite holiday decorations.


Your holiday decor will have a lot more impact if it’s not competing with dead plants, outdated pictures and photo frames, dusty artificial flowers, empty decorative vases, and other decor that’s past its prime.


It’s ok to part with that stuff. If it’s been gracing your walls and flat surfaces for years, or even decades, you got your money’s worth already. Donate or toss the decor you no longer like or that is no longer serving its purpose (to make your house more beautiful).


Your home will look instantly fresher and updated. You’ll literally breathe a sigh of relief over the “space” it creates. And you’ll have room for your favorite holiday decor when it’s time to decorate!


Declutter Your Fall and Winter Wardrobe

Take some time now to declutter your wardrobe, and you’ll save time every single morning. Instead of staring into a closet overstuffed with clothes you don’t even like or that no longer fit, you can choose from your favorite wardrobe pieces each morning.


This is life changing!


It doesn’t take as long as you think to declutter your clothes. Learn how to do it quickly and painlessly: 5 Easy Steps to Quickly Declutter Your Wardrobe.


As you repeat this process each season, you’ll end up with a wardrobe that actually works for you.


Declutter Outerwear

Most of us have a major surplus of coats, jackets, scarves, hats, and gloves.


We buy them over the years, sometimes season after season, without getting rid of any (or enough) along the way.


Do yourself, and others(!), a favor and donate your excess outerwear. You know which items you actually like and wear, and which ones simply take up valuable space in your closet.


Declutter Holiday Decor

The best time to declutter your holiday decorations is when you are decorating. Once you’ve got everything pulled out and have decorated your home for the season, take note of all the decorations you didn’t use.


This is the time to declutter the things you chose not to decorate with.


Broken items? Fix them now or toss them.


Outdated decor you haven’t used in years? Go ahead and part with it. You won’t miss that stuff!


Holiday decor you no longer like? Donate it. There’s no good reason to keep things you don’t like and don’t use.


Excess decor that you just don’t have space for? For most of us, it’s always a good idea to donate the excess from our homes and lives. You’ll free up space in your own home and give someone else the opportunity to add some holiday cheer to their home. It’s win-win!


Declutter Toys

Most of our children have way more toys than they need. It’s just a fact of life in today’s world.


We love our children and we love to see them happily playing.


Ironically, most children have more fun playing with fewer toys. More toys is not the answer to more or better play time. We all know this. But, the struggle is real. Birthdays, holidays, trips to Target…it all adds up to more than any of us (or our children) need in our lives.


Donate items in good condition, ahead of the holidays. Your children will have more fun playing now, and again when they open all their goodies on Christmas Day.


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Declutter Your Home Before the Holidays

Now is a great time to declutter your home. You’ll probably be motivated after Christmas to do some serious decluttering and organizing, but you can get a jump start on things by decluttering these 6 things before the holidays arrive:

  • your kitchen
  • home decor
  • your fall and winter wardrobe
  • outerwear
  • holiday decor
  • toys


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