How to Create a Decluttering Mindset

Create a consistent decluttering habit to finally achieve a clutter-free home.

When you’re sick of the mess but feel overwhelmed by all the clutter standing between you and a tidy home, it can be discouraging.

You know you need to create a decluttering habit that sticks.

The idea that we can declutter our homes in a month, a week, or a weekend is somewhat misleading. Few people can achieve this.

The rest of us need to incorporate decluttering into our daily and weekly routines.

Just like your kitchen will not stay clean for long after you clean it, your home will not forever remain clutter-free after decluttering it.

We’ve all experienced this before. You work hard to declutter your kitchen, your closet, or your junk drawer, and before you know it, it’s a cluttered mess again.

So frustrating!

It’s time for a new mindset. One where you start to think of decluttering as an ongoing part of keeping a clean and tidy home.

You, and your family, are bringing new items into your home on a daily and weekly basis. So of course decluttering will need to be done on a daily and weekly basis just to keep up.

But it doesn’t have to be an arduous process!

6 tips to create a decluttering habit that sticks:

1. Give yourself a months-long goal: to have a mostly clutter-free home by Christmas, by the start of summer, or by the end of the summer.

You may not be able to create a completely clutter free home and keep it that way forever, but you can make significant progress over several months.

You’ll begin to enjoy your home again and be even more motivated to continue staying on top of household clutter.

2. Do a tiny bit of decluttering each day: one basket, one shelf, one drawer, or one pile.

Because it isn’t overwhelming at all to declutter such a small area, it’s easy to be consistent.

3. Make decluttering part of your housework routine.

Most days you clean the kitchen and tidy up. Some days you do laundry or clean the bathrooms. Hopefully you make your bed.

Add one tiny bit of decuttering to your routine.

4. Declutter in the morning.

You’re responsible for a lot each day. By mid-afternoon it’s easy to feel like the day has gotten away from you without accomplishing what you’d hoped to.

Get your decluttering done early in the day to stay consistent.

5. Track your progress over time.

Give yourself a checkmark on your calendar, in your journal, or on a habit tracker. This serves as a built in reminder and accountability tool.

If you miss a few days or even a few weeks, don’t feel defeated. Just start right back up again.

We are busy women and these things will happen. Don’t let it derail you for months.

6. Reward yourself after you complete your daily decluttering.

Have a weakness for Pinterest, Facebook or YouTube? Reward yourself with some screen time AFTER you’ve decluttered one small space in your home.

In the middle of a great book? Finish your decluttering and reward yourself with some reading.

I hope you find these tips helpful. You CAN get your home decluttered!

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