4 Simple Ways to Make Decluttering Easy


Clutter is unavoidable:

We buy things we need.

We impulse buy things we want.

Other people give us things.

We can order nearly anything we want and have it delivered to our doorstep the same day or the very next day.



And then, eventually…

Our interests change.

Our needs change.

Our lives change.



We no longer do the crafts we once enjoyed, but we own lots of supplies.


We’re never going to re-read (or read for the first time) most of the books on our bookshelves, but the shelves are full .


We haven’t watched most of the DVDs we own in years, but we hang on to them anyway. 


We’ve lost interest in baking and cooking, but our cabinets, drawers, and countertops are crowded with gadgets and appliances.


Our kids outgrow their clothes and toys.


We outgrow our clothes!


But why is it so hard to declutter these things?


Why Decluttering is Hard


There are many mindsets and beliefs that cause us to keep things we no longer use, need, or love:


  • We hang on to things “just in case” or for “someday”.
  • We believe that “someday” we’ll again start doing those things we once enjoyed.
  • We hope to fit back into those too-small clothes again “someday”.
  • We feel guilty getting rid of things we spent good money on.
  • We feel guilty getting rid of things other people gave us.
  • We start to get sentimental when we try to declutter.
  • And, decluttering can be overwhelming, physically tiring, and mentally exhausting.


For each and every item cluttering up our home, we have to decide whether we’ll keep it or get rid of it.


If we’re keeping it, we have to decide if we’re going to put it back where it came from or move it to another spot in our home.


If we’re getting rid of it, we have to decide if we’ll donate it, sell it, throw it away or recycle it.


Then we have to take the steps to actually do that, for each and every item cluttering up our home!


That’s why decluttering is so hard!



How to Make Decluttering Easier


Set Small Goals


  • a lofty goal: decluttering your whole house
  • a small goal: declutter for 5-10 minutes each morning

(Think you can’t accomplish anything in 5 or 10 minutes?? Sign up for my free 5-Day Decluttering Challenge and I’ll show you how!)



Stay Focused on One Small Task


Want to declutter your entire kitchen? Start by decluttering ONE drawer, basket, shelf, pile, or flat surface.


If you feel motivated after doing that, keep going. If you run out of time or energy, stop for today and declutter another small space the next day. And the day after. And the day after that. Keep going; you’ll get there!



Be Consistent


Occasional decluttering will not get your home decluttered.


You’ll need to make decluttering a normal part of your housework routine, practicing it on a regular basis, each weekday, for example.


While it would be nice to declutter your home in a weekend or even in a month, most of us can’t manage that. It’s just not realistic.


Your home did not become cluttered in a day/week/month, and you probably can’t get it de-cluttered in such a short amount of time. Like losing weight, decluttering is a long game.


You’ll have to stick with it to see the results you want. 



Track Your Progress


Actually, it’s great to have big and small goals. The big goal (having a clutter-free home) is what keeps you going. The small goal (decluttering one small space each day) is what gets you there!


But, along the way, it helps to “see” how far you’ve come by tracking your decluttering progress.


You could keep a list of everything you declutter (that’s too time consuming for me but it may work for you). You could put a star or a checkmark on your calendar for each day you declutter something. Or you could use a habit tracker. A habit tracker is a simple way to measure how consistently you practice a habit.


(Want a free printable Habit Tracker? Sign up for my free 5-Day Decluttering Challenge and I’ll send you a Decluttering Cheatsheet and Habit Tracker to help you consistently take small, do-able steps to get the clutter in your home under control!)



Why Decluttering is Worth All This Effort


When you clear the clutter from your home, your create breathing space.


“The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home.” ~Jeff Lincoln


It’s difficult to feel truly relaxed when you are surrounded by clutter. This is why it’s worth all the effort it will take to declutter your home.


You deserve to relax and enjoy your home!


If you’re ready to make this happen, set yourself up for success by making it easier:

  • set small goals
  • stay focused on one small task at a time
  • be consistent
  • track your progress


If you’ve tried to declutter your home again and again but never seem to make any significant progress, it’s time for a new approach.


Once you make decluttering easy, you’ll be well on your way to creating the relaxing, clutter-free home you want!

Make room for the good life.

Ready to declutter  your home?

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